Lizards at the Houston Zoo

So you think you want to be a photographer

Happy Friday, everybody! I’m back today with a few more thoughts and pictures. Enjoy!

If you’re like me, and interested in getting better photos out of your camera, this post is for you. It’s not anything technical, but it’s an easy place to start thinking about things you might want to take into consideration. One of the first things I did when I realized I wanted to pursue photography seriously was go back through my old photos with a critical eye, trying to figure out what my strengths were and where I needed to improve.

And honestly, there was a lot of room for improvement.

Blurry, terrible foreground, subject is right in the middle of the picture and it’s hard to tell what makes it interesting.
turkey vulture
Blurry. Subject should have been on the right instead of the left. Etc, etc.


Of course, that’s not to say that all of my old photos were bad, just that I was taking them carelessly. I’m trying to be more mindful of things like composition and exposure, so I get more good photos when I shoot. If I’m really absorbed in taking pictures (and usually I am) I’ll take hundreds of shots when I’m out. When it’s time to sit down and edit, I might like about 10 percent of them.

It’s time for me to do better. Next time, I’ll post a list of things I’m doing to improve my photography so there will be fewer photos that just get deleted, and less time spent editing crappy pictures to try and make them look good after the fact.

For now, enjoy a couple of older photos that really weren’t so bad.

white alligator
This is Blanco, a white alligator who used to reside at the Houston zoo. I love how tight this shot is, but I feel like the white balance is off a little.
Lionfish, either at the Houston zoo or the Seattle aquarium; I don’t remember. Once again, I love a nice, tight shot. It’s pretty clear for something my shaky hands took, so I’m proud of that as well.

You can also check out my gallery, although I’m still working on adding to it. I do sometimes post different photos on my other social media sites, so be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr if you want to see everything. (Note: My Tumblr is a personal page, not specifically a photography page, so you should be prepared to see a lot of fangirling if you decide to head that way).

Do you have any suggestions for me, or for the list I’m planning to create for the next post? Please leave a comment and let me know!