Privacy Policy

I realize that this legal-type stuff is kind of a bummer to read, but it’s here to protect both me and you! I’ll try to keep this short and simple.

This site collects data from you in two ways:

  1. You provide information when you leave a comment or fill out a contact form. This information can be tied back to you because of what you have provided.
  2. Some information is automatically collected by third party partners (Google Analytics, for example) in order to allow me to give the most relevant content to you. This information is given to me in aggregate, which means I usually cannot tie it personally to you (say I know that 100 people from the United States visited my site yesterday–I don’t know who they are, just that they were from the US and they browsed here), but sometimes information can be tied directly to you (if you follow me on Facebook or other social media, I can see that so-and-so is following my page).

This information is only used as an aggregate to help me create the kinds of information that visitors love to see. It is only shared with others if required by the terms of agreement with those third parties, or if required by law.

This page will be periodically reviewed and updated as Saga Shots grows. The last update was on August 5, 2017.